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More Than You Want Episode 2 – Coco De Mal & Margot A – Girl Gets Fucked Top


As episode two of Andrej Lupin’s steamy series “More Than You Want” begins, sexy Margot A joins Coco De Mal to sunbathe. Has Margot responded to Coco’s flirtatious note, or is it just a projection of Coco’s fantasy? Whatever, horny Coco can’t keep her hands off the stunning raven-haired beauty in her skimpy bikini, leaning in to nuzzle her silky smooth skin. Margot teases her by walking away to take a dip in the pool; Coco touches herself as she watches, and when she can’t hold back any longer, kisses Margot and uses her toes to pinch and squeeze her stiff nipples. Margot sucks Coco’s pretty toes, emerging from the pool to kiss and fondle her delicious tanned body all over. Dominant Coco pushes Margot onto a sun lounger, spreading her thighs and tugging her bikini bottoms aside to lick her shaved pussy, peeling her butterfly lips open and lapping at the hot pink interior. Margot’s beautiful big breasts jiggle as Coco starts to finger-bang her rapidly, and she rubs her own clit to intensify the sensations. Now so aroused you can see the wetness trickling from her pussy, Coco straddles Margot’s face and grinds on her mouth, getting a licking that drives her wild. She reaches back to finger Margot’s juicy slit, their coupling growing frantic. Coco’s orgasm is so powerful it takes her a moment to recover; then she spreads wide for Margot to lick and finger her to another, even more intense one, rocking her hips up as pleasure overwhelms her.
More Than You Want Episode 2 featuring Coco De Mal & Margot A by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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