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Morning Glow – Daphne Anbel & Nikky Stills – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Cute brunette Daphne Anbel is making breakfast while her girlfriend Nikki Stills brushes her teeth, as Nemako Kikson’s hot lesbian movie “Morning Glow” begins. Statuesque Nikki massages her sweetheart’s tight shoulders, and they kiss tenderly, hands roaming over each other’s sexy body. Daphne slides a hand into Nikki’s panties to stroke her pussy, baring her own beautiful breasts as their embrace grows more and more passionate. Naked, Daphne sucks Nikki’s fingers and guides them down to her shaved pussy, gasping with pleasure as Nikki rubs eagerly. She sits with her porcelain-pale thighs parted, encouraging Nikki to finger her pussy harder and suck her stiff nipples until she has a powerful climax. Now Daphne kisses her way down Nikki’s body, lavishing attention on her perky breasts and peeling off her panties, before spreading her shaved pussy lips open with her tongue. Nikki’s moans escalate as Daphne licks her clit while finger-banging her. She turns onto her knees with her gorgeous ass up and Daphne frigs her to an intense orgasm.
Morning Glow featuring Daphne Anbel & Nikky Stills by Nemako Kikson

Date: December 23, 2022

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