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Morning Taste – Belle Claire & Kristof Cale – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Gorgeous Belle Claire, waking next to her lover Kristof Cale, finds she wants a “Morning Taste” of him. Following Kristof into the bathroom, the Czech beauty kisses him and presses her naked body against his as they embrace. Kristof carries Belle back to the bed, sucking her perfect breasts and going down to lick her shaved pussy, sliding his fingers inside as his lips surround her clit. Belle craves a taste of her man more than ever now, stroking his stiff shaft and maintaining sizzling eye contact with him as she takes it into her mouth. She drives Kristof crazy with teasing licks and sucks, before straddling him and guiding his slick cock into her juiced-up pussy, riding with an easy rhythm that gradually builds to a hard grind as their mutual passion explodes. Belle gasps, big breasts jiggling as Kristof thrusts up into her, their flesh slapping together with each stroke. She orgasms, trembling with pleasure, and Kristof flips her onto the bed and drives into her hard, fucking her into the mattress. He rubs her clit as he rams into her, visibly shaking as he pulls out to shoot his hot load over her clit and then slides back in to fuck her through the aftershocks. They cuddle together, lust subsiding into tenderness, for now at least…
Morning Taste featuring Belle Claire & Kristof Cale by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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