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Movie Night – Morgan Rodriguez & Vanessa Decker – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Snuggling up on the couch for “Movie Night,” sexy babes Vanessa Decker and Morgan Rodriguez look cute and comfy in their T-shirts and panties. They chill out, Morgan resting her head in her friend’s lap, Vanessa stroking her back gently. Before long, Vanessa’s hand strays down to fondle and squeeze Morgan’s hot ass; Morgan kisses Vanessa’s thigh and then her sweet lips, rubbing her through her panties. The movie is forgotten as the girls kiss, Vanessa grinding against Morgan’s probing fingers. Morgan sucks Vanessa’s big breasts, then tugs her panties aside and spreads her pussy lips open, thumb strumming her clit, a finger delving inside her wet hole as she licks. Vanessa trembles through an orgasm, beautiful boobs jiggling, then goes face down, ass up for Morgan to eat her from behind. Overwhelmed by the powerful sensations, she flips onto her back and Morgan sucks her clit until she climaxes again. Now Morgan peels off her panties and straddles Vanessa’s face, reaching back to finger Vanessa’s drenched slit as she grinds on her mouth. Vanessa rubs Morgan’s clit hard as she licks her, lapping at her shaved pussy and frigging her to an intense climax. Kissing through the afterglow, they finally settle down to enjoy their movie…
Movie Night featuring Morgan Rodriguez & Vanessa Decker by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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