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My Jazz Requiem – Kira Zen – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Kira Zen looks like a sexy throwback to the beatnik ’50s in her striped top, short black skirt and panties, and red high heels. Brandishing a trumpet, the jazz-loving Czech runs her tongue sensually over the shiny instrument. Her arousal level evidently off the scale, she slides off her panties to expose her partly shaved, fuzzy-topped pussy, and her gorgeous ass, which she gropes hard. She removes her top and tugs down her bra to allow her firm breasts to spill out, rubbing them and her pussy simultaneously. Kneeling on a chair, she reaches behind herself and slips two fingers effortlessly inside her slippery slot, and, eyes closed, rides them hard.
My Jazz Requiem featuring Kira Zen by Charles Lakante

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Kira Zen

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