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Neighbors Episode 2 – I Want More – Amarna Miller & Frida & Kari A – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Gorgeous redhead Amarna Miller confesses her love to stunning brunette Frida in episode two of Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie series “Neighbors.” They discovered their intense sexual connection in the previous instalment, and in this episode, titled “I Want More,” they take their relationship to the next level, first with Frida moving in, and then in a passionate threesome with beautiful Kari A. It starts with Amarna and Frida kissing voraciously in front of Kari during a business meeting at their apartment, until totally unabashed by what she’s witnessing, she joins in. The three horny girls kiss, grope and undress each other. They clamber up onto the conference table, where Amarna becomes the center of attention. The naked Spanish sweetheart leans back on her hands and smiles as Frida sucks and fondles her stiff nipples while Kari eats her unshaven pussy, licking her sensitive clit while simultaneously double digit drilling her juicy hole. Amarna moans with pleasure, lifting her ass off the table, pushing Kari’s fingers deeper inside her wet slit until she’s shuddering through a powerful orgasm. Amarna turns onto her knees with her hot ass in the air, Kari and Frida kissing each other as they team up to stroke and frig her avidly until she climaxes again. When Kari becomes the focus of the fuck frenzy, Amarna rubs her clit while Frida plunges two fingers into her pussy. But it’s not until Amarna is groping her breasts, and Frida’s licking her clit while fingering her, that Kari is tipped over the edge into a screaming orgasm. When it’s Frida’s turn for attention, she kneels on the table as Amarna plays with her clit and Kari finger bangs her from the rear, driving her wild. Glowing with satisfaction as she leaves, no doubt Kari will be happy to return for the next meeting in this delightful neighborhood.
Neighbors Episode 2 – I Want More featuring Amarna Miller & Frida & Kari A by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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