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Not Her – Jasmine Jazz – Girl Gets Fucked Top


The utterly gorgeous Jasmine Jazz dances around in her apartment, singing into her hairbrush, dressed in skimpy black panties and a see-through print blouse, before sitting down and thinking how she might finish with her boyfriend. She searches for the right words but then forgets about her predicament and loses herself in the pleasures of the flesh. Sliding down in her seat, her top falls open and she squeezes her pert breasts. Taking off her shoes, she asks, “Would you mind if I masturbate in front of you?” but she doesn’t wait for an answer. Her hand goes to her pussy and she rubs herself through her underwear. Her breath comes in short gasps as she delves inside her panties and strokes her slit. Her eyes are heavy with lust and she tugs off her panties and spreads her legs wide. Sucking on two fingers, she rubs her clit around and around, her body writhing in sexual ecstasy. Easing a finger inside, the stunning beauty masturbates with a deep, erotically charged desire that cannot be held back any longer.
Not Her featuring Jasmine Jazz by Charles Lakante

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Jasmine Jazz

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