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Oasis – Emma Button & Jessica Lincoln – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Gorgeous blonde Emma Button and her insatiable girlfriend Jessica Lincoln are dressed in sexy lingerie and locked in a passionate embrace as Andrej Lupin’s steamy erotic movie “Oasis” begins. Jessica slips a hand between Emma’s thighs and strokes her shaved pussy, then bares one of her beautiful breasts and sucks the nipple erect. She showers Emma’s silky skin with kisses, trails her tongue down her hot body, and slots it deep inside her slim-lipped slit. As Jessica’s tongue flickers in and out of Emma’s pussy, she looks up and makes adoring eye contact with her writhing girlfriend, who is overwhelmed with pleasure. Jessica slides her finger between Emma’s pouting lips, so she can savor the flavor of her own juice, before jamming the sticky digits in the horny sweetheart’s honey hole. Emma rocks forward to meet every thrust of Jessica’s fingers, until she orgasms intensely. Jessica doesn’t let up though, flipping Emma onto her side and finger-banging her from behind. So soon after her orgasm, Emma’s body is still buzzing with sexual electricity, and she undulates wildly beneath Jessica’s skillful touch until she climaxes again. Jessica straddles Emma’s face and grinds hard, going wild as her lover’s probing tongue pushes inside her shaved pussy. She moves onto her front for Emma to frig her audibly wet slit, then flips onto her back to be driven to a screaming, ecstatic orgasm.
Oasis featuring Emma Button & Jessica Lincoln by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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