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Please Please – Daisy Steel & Max Deeds & Ryan Ryder – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Stunning brunette Daisy Steel interrupts a card game, strolling in wearing nothing but pasties, stockings and garters, as Anna Richards’ erotic threesome movie “Please Please” begins. Daisy moves from Ryan Ryder to Max Deeds, kissing each of them seductively, then lies on the table so they can both caress her beautiful body simultaneously. They feed her champagne as they finger her pussy and run ice cubes over her bare skin, driving her wild. Ryan stands and eases his thick erection into her tight pussy, gripping her waist as he thrusts. Daisy moans and gasps in ecstasy, growing even more excited as Max takes his turn fucking her while Ryan offers his erection to her lips. She sucks and jerks his cock eagerly as Ryan strums her clit and Max drills her with steady strokes. The guys switch places, filling her at both ends, then turn her over into doggy position. Ryan spanks her ass with a riding crop as he fucks her from behind, pushing her forward onto Max’s dick, then passes the crop to his buddy to give her more teasing strokes, making her cheeks redden. Daisy is delirious with arousal as the guys flip her onto her back and fuck her even harder, switching places to keep her onto the edge of orgasm endlessly. She sucks Ryan’s balls and jerks his shaft as Max screws her to an overwhelming climax, then Ryan gives her another before shooting his hot load over her fluffy bush. She sucks him clean as Max fucks her sloppy pussy and coats her with a second cum-load, leaving her breathless and euphoric.
Please Please featuring Daisy Steel & Max Deeds & Ryan Ryder by Anna Richards

Date: December 23, 2022

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