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Pour Toi Mon Amour 4 – Amarna Miller & Ariel Rebel – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Alis Locanta, an Italian national based in Spain, utilizes the French language to add flavor and spice to his lesbian series, “Pour Toi Mon Amour.” This installment begins with footage of red-haired Spanish siren Amarna Miller writhing seductively in a wet, sheer, bikini, intercut with tight close-ups of her lover, French Canadian Ariel Rebel, as she delivers an amorous soliloquy en français. This is followed by a brief, but emotionally rich, segment in which the two women kiss and interact on the balcony of a high-rise apartment building. And then, once the introductory titles — in French, naturalment — have concluded, the couple are inside, with Ariel straddling Amarna on a white leather sofa as the seduction proceeds. After removing Ms. Miller’s panties, Ms. Rebel goes to work, lovingly eating and fingering the redhead until she erupts in an explosive, quivering, full-body orgasm. Then Rebel spreads her legs to receive Miller’s aggressive, loving, and vigorous response. The entire scene is punctuated by meaningful eye-contact, purrs, cooing, and moans of contentment and delight, and passionate, loving kisses and caresses. Then, with Miller vigorously pumping two insistent fingers relentlessly in and out of Ariel’s wet pink, the orgasm that eventually arrives is vocal and intense. A winning mixture of raw passion and sweet romance, “Pour Toi Mon Amour 4” delivers searing Sapphism with an irresistible international accent.
Pour Toi Mon Amour 4 featuring Amarna Miller & Ariel Rebel by Alis Locanta

Date: December 23, 2022

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