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Purity Massage 2 – Alecto & Susie – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Cute and totally hot Ukrainian Susie is in need of some sexual healing so she visits masseuse Alecto – who’s also from the Ukraine. Susie lies eyes closed on her front, while Alecto starts the extremely intimate massage session by pouring oil on her back. Alecto’s hands roam all over Susie’s perfect body, from the back of her neck down to her feet and all parts in between, lingering on the curves of her gorgeous ass. Susie’s silky smooth skin glows in the sunlit room and she gets so relaxed she’s on the verge of falling asleep, when Alecto gently rolls her onto her back. Susie shudders with delight as oil hits her flat tummy, and her nipples become erect as Alecto rotates her hands over and around her breasts. When she slides them down to Susie’s shaven pussy the camera zooms in for a close-up of her meaty cooze lips, which part invitingly as the tips of Alecto’s fingers caress them. When oil is poured directly onto Susie clit, her thighs tremble, even more so when Alecto speeds up her actions and concentrates on rubbing her clit.
Purity Massage 2 featuring Alecto & Susie by Nick Twin

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Alecto & Susie

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