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Red Delight – Arya – Girl Gets Fucked Top


First you see the high heel that’s strapped around blonde beauty Arya’s foot, hanging off the edge of her bed. Then more of her fabulous figure is revealed. Lying on the sheets wearing a red dress, the horny Russian beauty is stroking her fingers across her silky skin. She opens her dress and squeezes her breasts, her nipples hardening at her touch. Turned on, she reaches down between her open thighs and rubs at her pussy through her scarlet panties. Two hands dive inside to play with her shaved slit. Kicking her heel-clad feet up over her head, she removes her underwear and rolls onto her side. Now she can slide her hungry hand over her sweet ass to feel her pussy up. It’s not enough to satisfy her though, she has to turn onto her back and open her legs all the way to drive her fingers deep inside herself. She’s so turned on that she needs both hands to work her pussy. One hand slides the fingers deep inside her tight hole, the other brushes through her pubic hair to grind over her clit.
Red Delight featuring Arya by Antonio Clemens

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Arya

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