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Red Impulse – Lexie Fox – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Relaxing at home, sexy Lexie Fox lies back on a black leather recliner reading a magazine. She looks so sexy in her short, knitted dress, her breasts rising up, nipples making an impression. She looks up and puts her magazine aside, smiling softly as she pulls her dress in to reveal one beautiful breast. Enjoying herself, she free both her titties and shakes them playfully, her nipples stiffening as she toys with herself. The dress is raised up to her neck and she tugs her panties down and twirls them around her finger. Making herself comfortable, she plays with her pussy, teasing herself, fingers pulling her lips apart gently before rubbing at her slit and clitoris. Finding her rhythm, she slips a finger inside her tight hole and begins to drill it in and out, adding a second as she loses herself to her own sexual pleasure. Relaxed and turned on, she masturbates to a delightful orgasm, tasting her juices from her finger once she’s cum.
Red Impulse featuring Lexie Fox by Charles Lightfoot

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Lexie Fox

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