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Reminiscence – Michaela Isizzu – Girl Gets Fucked Top


The single girl masturbation movie is among the very simplest forms of erotic entertainment. But the genre’s defining simplicity does not mean it can’t also be sophisticated, stylish, and extremely satisfying, as director Andrej Lupin and his stunning star, Michaela Isizzu, deftly demonstrate in “Reminiscence.” Totally nude, Isizzu picks a pair of panties up off a bed and puts them on, followed by a bra. She then takes a seat, picks up a digital camera that’s sitting there, and begins to review images on the camera’s display. We’re not shown these photos, but they have obvious meaning to Michaela. She puts the camera aside and gets comfortable. The photos she’s viewed have rekindled fond memories and ignited a spark of desire deep within. Slowly, she begins to caress her exquisitely beautiful body. She strokes her panty-clad crotch. She removes her bra, then her panties, and soon she’s swept away on a wave of autoerotic pleasure. Watching Michaela Isizzu masturbate — in any setting or imaginable situation — is a delightful experience, but her performance here, captured and enhanced Lupin’s masterful cinematography and editing, makes “Reminiscence” a profoundly beautiful, and thrillingly visceral experience. Isizzu has never looked lovelier — which is really saying something — and her performance here easily ranks among her very best. She gives in completely to desire and pleasure, vigorously and passionately making love to herself, and her arousal is manifested in the rhythmic movement of her body, the growing intensity of her breathing, and the glistening moisture that coats her fingers as they pump insistently into her pink center until orgasmic bliss is achieved. Achingly beautiful and powerfully erotic, “Reminiscence” will linger in the memory of all who have the pleasure of experiencing it.
Reminiscence featuring Michaela Isizzu by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022
Actors: Michaela Isizzu

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