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Remote Control – Jia Lissa – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Stunning redhead Jia Lissa walks lakeside, checking her phone for messages, as Don Caravaggio’s erotic movie “Remote Control” begins. Nervous and excited as she follows the instructions being texted to her, she takes a taxi to a country house, enters and strips naked. Obediently, she walks through the house until she finds a glass door with a huge cock-shaped dildo attached by a sucker. She kneels to lick it, getting the bulbous head slick, trailing her tongue along the heavily veined shaft, then inches it between her lips and deep down her throat. Her eyes close in concentration as she fellates it vigorously, until it’s dripping with her saliva. Pausing to check her phone for her next instructions, she smiles and bends over, impaling her hot pussy with its flame-red bush on the big dildo. She slams back to fuck herself with it, spreading her ass cheeks, gasping with pleasure as the thick toy stretches her wide with every thrust. She rubs her clit until her body trembles with a powerful orgasm, and she slides to the floor, licking her juice from the mock cock. The next instruction has her crawling up the stair to find another dildo; crouching, she rubs her wet pussy up and down the shaft, then straddles it and sinks down on it. She rides with slow intensity, rocking her hips to slide up and down the full length of the dildo. As her arousal builds, she moves faster, perfect body quivering as she climaxes again. Smiling and sated, she leaves the mystery house, her sexual mission completed.
Remote Control featuring Jia Lissa by Don Caravaggio

Date: December 23, 2022
Actors: Jia Lissa

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