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Resonate Dance – Anna Rose & Margot A – Girl Gets Fucked Top


As Andrej Lupin’s “Resonate Dance” commences, Anna Rose stares forlornly out of the window while Margot A gazes fondly at her girlfriend. Margot comes to join Anna Rose at the window, lightening the mood and inviting her friend to dance. Their slow dance, bodies pressing close together, turns increasingly sensual as they kiss. Margot undresses her girlfriend slowly, licking and sucking her hardening nipples, then hitching up her skirt and squeezing her ass. Margot’s loving embrace turns Anna’s mind to lustful thoughts and she guides her friend onto the couch, parting her legs and lapping at her pussy. Her tongue circles Margot’s clit and spreads her labia open, dipping into her hole. Together, the girls frig Margot’s pussy, Anna’s two fingers thrusting fast into her slot while Margot’s own fingers grind on her clit. When Anna falls back over the couch with her legs over her head, Margot dives face first for her crotch, pulling her panties aside and tongue-fucking her hole. She sucks hard on Anna’s clit before sticking two fingers inside her lover to pleasure her. Anna goes face down, ass up, rubbing her clit while Margot finger-fucks her and eats her asshole to an intense orgasm. A sensuous study of two elegant beauties with a shared passion, “Resonate Dance” is as arousing as it is gorgeous. Watch through the closing credits for a more playful version of their intimate dance!
Resonate Dance featuring Anna Rose & Margot A by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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