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Roleplay – Taylor Sands & Tyler Nixon – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Cute Taylor Sands and Tyler Nixon enjoy a little “Roleplay” as two strangers meeting on a bench on the beach while on vacation. Then it’s back to their apartment to fuck like new lovers on a red hot one night stand. They kiss passionately, overwhelmed by lust as Tyler slides his hand up sexy Taylor’s dress. She tugs off his clothes and strokes his stiff cock, wrapping her lips around it and sucking it deep. With her dress bunched up around her waist and her panties down around her thighs, he fingers her shaved pussy, a horny moment reminiscent of many a first-time fuck, each of them eager to please the other, eager to touch and feel and suck and fuck. Taylor clambers into Tyler’s lap and guides his cock straight into her slick pussy, gasping with delight as she rides hard, her beautiful breasts bouncing in her man’s face. They roll over into spoons, Tyler rubbing his girl’s clit as he thrusts into her, lifting her knees so he can go deep, fucking her to a climax. He eats her juicy pussy until she cums again, then plunges back in to fuck her with slow intensity, fingers strumming her clit, driving her wild. When she’s cum again, she kneels to jerk him off over her perfect tits, hot jizz dripping down her body as she laps at his cock. Be sure to watch right to the end to get the whole story…
Roleplay featuring Taylor Sands & Tyler Nixon by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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