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Secrets of Prague Episode 2 – Leila Smith & Vanessa Decker – Girl Gets Fucked Top


In “Secrets of Prague Episode 2” the game explained and outlined in the series opener gets underway in earnest. After the five teams have watched the video clue, and have been instructed to locate a significant historical monument, they pull out their maps and rack their brains before taking to the streets of Prague in a frenzied and not immediately fruitful search for the location and a continued place in the contest — only four of the five teams will make the first cut. The pace and intensity of this opening sequence will be familiar to those who’ve seen American reality/game show, “The Amazing Race.” And here the spoils go to the victors — Vanessa Decker and Leila Smith are first to arrive at the memorial to Czech heroes Jan Palach and Jan Zajic, and they return to their hotel room to celebrate with Champagne, a bubble bath, and a wet and steamy round of lovemaking. The spacious bathroom is softly lit by dozens of flickering candles as the teammates drop their robes and slip into the oversize tub. They toast their success in the game’s first challenge, share and feed each other sweet berries and grapes, and then savor each other. Vanessa raises out of the water to give Leila full access to her pussy which her redheaded partner eagerly eats and fingers, then she gets on all fours and Smith finishes her off with a slick, skillful finger-banging. Smith responds instantly when Vanessa begins eating her sweet hairless box, and Leila sweetens it further by pouring a glass of wine down her torso that Decker eagerly laps off her labia. Then Smith moves into the scissors position and aggressively humps herself to a final powerful climax. In the morning another clue is revealed, and the game continues, but “Secrets of Prague Episode 2” is a winner in its own right.
Secrets of Prague Episode 2 featuring Leila Smith & Vanessa Decker by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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