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Shards of Summer – Aiko Bell & Tracy Lindsay – Girl Gets Fucked Top


As much of the northern hemisphere enters the chilly depths of winter, Andrej Lupin’s “Shards of Summer” arrives with a welcome blast of sunny, steamy heat. Tracy Lindsay and Aiko Bell are splashing and playing in a big, glittering swimming pool. At first it’s not clear if they are simply uninhibited friends indulging in a bit of innocent horseplay, but after a few tentative approaches, the twosome embrace and share a loving kiss. They then move to a poolside sofa where Lindsay becomes the aggressor and Bell her eager partner. Kissing continues as Tracy strokes Aiko’s pussy, then Tracy devotes her full attention to pleasuring her lover. With the fingers of one hand slipping in and out, and with fingers and tongue working her clitoris arousal builds. After moving into the sixty-nine position, Bell is soon quivering and moaning as orgasm overwhelms her. As her afterglow subsides and her head clears, Aiko devotes her full attention to the glistening pussy hovering over her face. Bell eats and probes Tracy while remaining in the sixty-nine, and then Lindsay climbs off and lies back for a particularly grand and intense finale that finds the blonde savoring waves of pleasure as her trim, exquisitely nubile body shudders with climax. With two sun-kissed beauties and copious quantities of passionate heat, “Shards of Summer” is the perfect antidote for the dark and dreary days of winter.
Shards of Summer featuring Aiko Bell & Tracy Lindsay by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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