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She – Alex Moretti & Lana Seymour – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Glamorous in a sexy skintight bodysuit, Lana Seymour is “She,” the girl of Alex Moretti’s erotic dreams. Over a stunning black and white introduction, Alex speaks movingly of his fascination with this beautiful woman. The screen floods with color as Lana joins Alex in bed, their mutual passion and desire evident as they kiss and caress each other. Lana bares her gorgeous breasts for Alex to suck, nipples stiffening beneath his tongue. He toys with her pretty toes as he spreads her thighs apart and uncovers her pussy, wet and ready for his fingers to explore. Lana kneels to stroke her nipples over her lover’s chest, perfect ass in the air as she rides his fingers and strokes his erection through his pants. Alex’s cock springs up, rigid, as she unzips him; she jerks and sucks the thick shaft lovingly, her eyes on his, conveying all her adoration. She sucks him deep, then straddles him in reverse cowgirl so he can watch her fantastic ass bouncing as she slides up and down on his cock, rocking her hips to grind out every powerful sensation. She spins around to face him, squatting on his dick and riding with slow intensity at first, then faster and harder as their ardour builds. The room fills with the sounds of sex – flesh on flesh, the bedsprings squeaking, Lana’s gasps and moans of pleasure – and they cling to one another as they orgasm together, united in love.
She featuring Alex Moretti & Lana Seymour by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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