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Sin – Cayla – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Commencing in dreamlike black and white, hot blonde Cayla is submerged underwater. Cut to her yanking aside her thong and immediately playing with her shaved pussy. Cut to her naked, apart from high heels, writhing wildly on a modernist leather armchair in a red light bathed room, with her gorgeous ass pushed at the camera. She stretches her labia so wide you can see deep inside her honey hole, before she re-positions herself with her long legs high in the air, and resumes tugging at her pussy with both hands, and trailing her fingers up and down her slit. She sucks two digits, and, panting loudly, drives them deep inside her wetness, and frigs herself hard and deep. Cut to her spreadeagled and naked on top of a white bed, where her dream has spilled over into reality, and she’s woken up fingering herself – which she continues to do, uncontrollably, until she orgasms and drifts back off into dreamland.
Sin featuring Cayla by Charles Lakante

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Cayla

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