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Summer Smile – Chrissy Fox & Olivia Grace – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Prolific and inventive director Andrej Lupin has cast two newcomers to Sexart as the leads in his aptly titled “Summer Smile.” The film begins at the seaside. Chrissy Fox and Olivia Grace walk hand in hand along the beach and then rent a paddle boat from a helpful beach boy — Matt Ice in a brief cameo appearance. Only the most cold-hearted viewer will be able to suppress a smile as the girls splash and play on the boat and in the water. Once they return home the girls trade one type of fun for another. Olivia ends up on her back with Chrissy between her legs, flicking and licking her pretty little pussy energetically and skillfully. Olivia quickly reaches a high state of arousal and expresses her pleasure vocally and consistently throughout the scene. And Chrissy not only enjoys pleasuring her partner, she also takes obvious delight in the results of her efforts, smiling happily as Olivia moans blissfully. Chrissy not only has an exceptionally agile tongue, she’s also manually dextrous, sliding two fingers into Olivia’s tight slot while massaging her clit with her thumb, and finally using both hands to pump and stroke Grace to the point of no return. Olivia is equally eager to please, and goes down on her gorgeous girlfriend, then fingers her before Chrissy repositions herself with her pussy hovering over Olivia’s face and then riding her sucking lips and licking tongue until her face is glazed with perspiration and orgasm overtakes her. But neither girl has quite had her fill yet, and Chrissy goes down once more, eating and probing Olivia to another squealing orgasm. The energy, enthusiasm, passion, and beauty these two new talents display is irresistibly engaging, and is perfectly summarized by a lyric in the film’s theme song: “It’s time to play, it’s you and me on a summer day.” No matter what the season, “Summer Smile” delivers a beautiful burst of delicious lesbian heat that seems guaranteed to put a smile on the viewer’s face.
Summer Smile featuring Chrissy Fox & Olivia Grace by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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