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Surprised – Antonia Sainz & Nick Ross – Girl Gets Fucked Top


It’s late one winter night. Nick Ross is alone on the ice of an outdoor skating rink. Antonia Sainz scans the shelves of skates, finds her size, and laces up. Walking somewhat tentatively, she makes her way to the rink where Ross greets her and a skating lesson begins. After this lighthearted introduction “Surprised” changes in tone and location. Now the couple are seated on a white leather Chesterfield chaise longue in a hushed room softly lit from above. And the playful interaction of the skating rink has been replaced by passionate yearning. They kiss, fully clothed, and eventually they partially disrobe. Nick pulls Antonia’s white panties to one side and strokes and probes her pussy. She straddles him and rubs her moist cleft up and down the length of his erection. The camera moves in particularly close as Ross inserts the head of his cock inside Sainz. They begin to fuck. Sainz sets the pace, transitioning from one position to the next, pausing to suck, then stripping off her panties, then resuming her ride until her first orgasmic explosion. But the inexperienced skater is highly skilled in the art of sex and Antonia is just getting warmed up. After repositioning herself Ross enters Sainz once more, fucking her steadily while she massages her clitoris vigorously until an even more powerful and profound orgasm envelops her. Then, with perfect timing and dexterity Antonia pulls Nick free of her silken slit and strokes him until he splashes his cum on her mound, ending this chilly winter evening on a decidedly sultry note.
Surprised featuring Antonia Sainz & Nick Ross by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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