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Take Care 2 – Chrissy Fox & Maxmilian Dior – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Andrej Lupin’s “Take Care 2” reflects the sweet theme of the original, sharing a tender and intimate moment between lovers. Sexy starlet Chrissy Fox leans back in the bathtub to let Maxmilian Dior wash her hair, his fingers massaging her scalp to put her into a blissful trance. The soapy water cascades over her smooth skin, and Max caresses her beautiful breasts, turns his attention to her feet and calves and then lets his hand stray up between her legs. Chrissy is very responsive, gasping and rubbing her clit as Max slides a couple of fingers into her plump-lipped, shaven pussy. She stands with one leg raised so he can eat her, her whole body quaking as she climaxes, then straddles him in the tub in a sixty-nine so he can lick her with even greater intensity. With a stunning smile, she begins to stroke and suck his rock hard cock, bobbing her head to take him progressively deeper, her eye contact blisteringly hot. Chrissy brings Max to boiling point with the smooth, skilful strokes from her fist and mouth, directing his creamy load all over her perfect breasts. He obligingly rinses her off, bringing this authentic paean to oral pleasure to a playful close.
Take Care 2 featuring Chrissy Fox & Maxmilian Dior by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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