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Take My Side – Niki Mey – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Niki Mey is picture perfect as she sits in a baroque setting in nothing but her expensive lingerie, stroking her wonderful willowy legs. Her full, ruby red lips part and she fires off a super sensual smile that illustrates the sensations coursing through her body. Then the highly aroused Ukrainian removes her bra, fondles her breasts, then heads south, slips a hand inside her see-through panties and strokes her pussy. She needs to expose herself further though, so she strips and repositions herself on all fours, tugs her peachy ass cheeks apart with one hand while the other snakes between her legs to steer her to a sublime climax.
Take My Side featuring Niki Mey by Flora

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Niki Mey

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