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That Time When – Ember Snow & Madi Meadows – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Horny girlfriends Ember Snow and Madi Meadows are in a passionate embrace, as guest director AJ Salucci’s hot lesbian movie “That Time When” begins. Asian beauty Ember strips Madi down to her red lace lingerie, bending her over the sofa and spanking her sexy ass playfully. She pulls down Madi’s skimpy panties, offering her lovely breasts for Madi to suck her nipples. Ember returns the favor, lavishing attention on her sweetheart’s perky breasts before going down to eat her pussy. Madi spreads her long legs high and wide, moaning with arousal as Ember laps all around her clit. Breasts jiggling, she trembles through an intense orgasm, followed by several more as Ember licks and fingerbangs her skilfully. She’s more than ready to get a taste of Ember’s sweet pussy, going face down ass up and eating her voraciously, giving her climax after climax. Ember kneels and grinds on Madi’s face until she’s utterly sated. Watch the end credits to see the lovers showering together…
That Time When featuring Ember Snow & Madi Meadows by AJ Salucci

Date: December 23, 2022

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