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The Heat 3 – Alexa Tomas & Tracy Lindsay – Girl Gets Fucked Top


One of director Alis Locanta’s most recognizable stylistic signatures is the inclusion of a brief epilogue at the end of his erotic features. He does that in “The Heat 3,” but he also deviates from his established pattern by including an unexpected — but most welcome — prologue, as well. Here headliner Tracy Lindsay, in behind the scenes fashion, talks directly to the viewer and even mentions a handful of Sexart’s most prolific and outspoken commenters by name. It’s a rare and engaging glimpse of a talented and popular performer that underscores the interactive, collaborative nature of the greater Sexart community. After the introduction, “The Heat 3” gets down to the style and substance that defines the series. With the familiar theme music adding its provocative flavor, Lindsay and costar Alexa Tomas put on a show for one another. While there’s some ambiguity in this stylized footage, the raw beauty and steamy sensuality of the performers is rendered with vivid impact. While there is a certain nonlinear flow to the events, the film consists of, roughly, two segments. In the first, Alexa is pleasured — manually, digitally, and orally — by Tracy. For much of this sequence Tomas remains standing, but as her excitement builds her legs become unsteady and she’s seated when Lindsay brings her to a final, vocal, climax. In the second segment Lindsay is seated on a kitchen counter. But rather than simply reversing roles and accepting Alexa’s attentions, here Lindsay spends a fair amount of time stimulating herself with an able assist from her Spanish lover, and with an altogether satisfying result. Although it boasts its share of twists and surprises, “The Heat 3” carries the series forward with style, beauty, and eroticism that ranges from subtly sultry to simply scorching.
The Heat 3 featuring Alexa Tomas & Tracy Lindsay by Alis Locanta

Date: December 23, 2022

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