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The Mirror – Talia Mint – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Dressed in nothing but a towel, stunning Talia Mint receives an unexpected letter from her lover. The gorgeous Ukrainian brunette immediately dispenses with the towel and stands in front of a full length mirror, gazing at her wondrous small breasts and delicious, shaven pussy. She preens, poses and slips into a leopard print bikini that hugs her like a second skin. It’s not to her liking though, so she undergoes two more changes before settling on a skimpy white number – she only manages to get the panties on though, before she’s carried away on a tsunami of temptation and starts finger banging her pussy. When Talia decides it’s time to really let loose she gets naked again, drops to the floor and fingers herself to an extremely satisfying orgasm.
The Mirror featuring Talia Mint by Emiliano Camatti

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Talia Mint

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