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Thinking Of You – Jillian Janson – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Gorgeous Jillian Janson stretches on the terrace, at the start of guest director James Martinez’s erotic movie. She smiles to herself as she retrieves a package from the doorstep: a message, “Thinking Of You,” accompanies an elegant sex toy. Jillian relaxes in the bathtub as she lets her passionate thoughts run riot, splashing water over her beautiful breasts so her nipples stiffen in response. She spreads her legs over the edges of the tub and starts to stroke her shaved pussy, rubbing her clit in circles as she pinches a nipple. Kneeling, she diddles her slippery slot from behind, sending her arousal sky high before she dries off, ready to try her lover’s gift. She presses the vibrator against her tingling clit and teases her tight asshole with her fingertip, quivering with pleasure as the powerful sensations drive her wild. Moving to her knees, she grinds against the toy, her ass rippling; then she lies back, masturbating frantically until she’s overwhelmed by an intense, juicy orgasm.
Thinking Of You featuring Jillian Janson by James Martinez

Date: December 23, 2022
Actors: Jillian Janson

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