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Unplugged 2 – Jimena Lago & Samia Duarte – Girl Gets Fucked Top


When Alis Locanta’s “Unplugged 2” begins the stars — Samia Duarte and Jimena Lago — are engaged in a video chat. Separated by unknown distance, and with no audible dialog, the two women are clearly very much in love, and as they interact with each other on their laptops their desire to be united is palpable. After this moving introduction, and following the titles, Samia joins Jimena in bed, and they proceed to enjoy what circumstance and distance has denied them for too long. To describe Samia as the initial aggressor is to exaggerate — yes, she is the first to pleasure her partner, but there’s nothing aggressive or assertive in her approach — this is lovemaking at a languid, leisurely, loving pace, an experience each participant savors, each sweet second, every magical moment, no rush, no pressure, just relaxed enjoyment. While it may be relaxed, it certainly has its rewards, and with passionate kisses, penetrating fingers, and a persistent tongue Samia gifts Jimena with an exquisitely pleasurable climax. And Jimena employs a similar passionate yet understated approach when it’s her turn to pleasure Samia. The mood, the technique, the style and pace all reflect tender passion and heartfelt romance. Who knows when these two lovers will once more be separated, able to connect only via technological means? But, for the duration of “Unplugged 2,” they’re united — two souls in single-minded pursuit of shared pleasure.
Unplugged 2 featuring Jimena Lago & Samia Duarte by Alis Locanta

Date: December 23, 2022

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