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Upstairs – Aislin & Anie Darling – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Come “Upstairs” with raven haired Anie Darling, where blonde beauty Aislin is waiting. Anie’s undressing in her bedroom, watched by Aislin, who can see into her room from the balcony. She watches Anie change into something a little more comfortable, touching herself sensually; when the sexy stripper appears on the balcony, Aislin practically chases her onto the bed, straddling the panty-clad hottie and kissing her hard. Anie lifts Aislin’s T-shirt to expose her gorgeous breasts, tweaking her nipples and stroking her own against them. Aislin’s hot for Anie, pulling off her panties and pressing her mouth up close on Anie’s shaved pussy. Anie watches the busty blonde slide her tongue between her slim labia, flickering over her clitoris. Aislin looks incredible face down, tanned ass in the air, shaved pussy pouting, lapping and fingering Anie’s wet hole. Aislin fucks in rhythmically with her fingers, Anie’s orgasmic cries filling the room. Aislin straddles Anie’s face, grinding her snatch into Anie’s mouth, her big breasts jiggling. She bucks her pussy into Anie’s face, then rolls onto her back as Anie drills two fingers into her, sucking her clit to draw her orgasm out slowly. Director Andrej Lupin makes ingenious use of the multi-levelled location – and the charms of two beautiful girls – to make “Upstairs” a truly elevating experience.
Upstairs featuring Aislin & Anie Darling by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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