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Vox Episode 1 – Tracy Lindsay – Girl Gets Fucked Top


SexArt superstar Tracy Lindsay is initially demure and composed as she introduces herself and begins to read from Nicholson Baker’s novel “Vox.” But as the novel’s erotic content starts to take effect, Tracy becomes both sweetly embarrassed and charmingly titillated, stumbling over her words and breathing heavily. It transpires that the blonde beauty is being stimulated by a vibrator in her pussy, which is remote-controlled by her director. Eventually, her veneer of calm collapses altogether; looking down, blushing and laughing, she can barely continue, and it becomes clear she is profoundly aroused. Hands trembling, voice shaking, gasping for breath, she is overwhelmed by a wave of intense physical pleasure. When she can meet the camera’s gaze again, it is with an ambiguous look – part bashful, part empowered. But “Vox (a reading project)” doesn’t end there. We next see Tracy as a supreme sex siren, in a black lace bodysuit that reveals more than it conceals. She caresses her stiff nipples sensuously, stroking between her parted thighs, now surrendering utterly to her excitement. Peeling off the suit, she fingers her pussy avidly. Sucking her fingers, rocking her hips, her toned stomach muscles ripple as her orgasm rips through her like a forest fire. The first episode of director Alis Locanta’s intriguing “Vox” series, shot in 4K on Red One MX camera, this celebrates one of our most uninhibited and multi-faceted beauties in unforgettable style.
Vox Episode 1 featuring Tracy Lindsay by Alis Locanta

Date: December 23, 2022
Actors: Tracy Lindsay

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