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Wanton Lust-old – Lee Anne & Michael Fly – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Stunning Lee Anne kisses Michael Fly passionately in a darkened room, as Anna Richards’ erotic movie “Wanton Lust” begins. Up against the wall, she lifts her skirt and he strokes her pussy through her lingerie as she sucks his finger suggestively. They undress as they stumble through the hallway in a fervid embrace, Lee Anne kneeling to release Michael’s rigid cock from his boxers and take it between her lips. She jerks and sucks it avidly, then stands to grind against him as she unfastens her sheer black bodysuit. Bending over, Lee Anne invites Michael to thrust into her from behind, making her gasp with pleasure. She slams back against him as he drills her vigorously. Moving to the bedroom, they fuck in missionary, Lee Anne’s legs up on her man’s shoulders for deeper penetration. She rubs her clit frantically as he drives her wild. They switch to cowgirl, the beautiful brunette’s breasts bouncing in Michael’s face, her cries growing louder as she switches to a squat so she can ride even harder. Her orgasm is intense, her second one even more powerful. They move into spoons, cumming together, bodies entwined.
Wanton Lust-old featuring Lee Anne & Michael Fly by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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