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Warmth Of The Sun – Cherry Kiss & Melody – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Supple brunette Melody looks sexy in her tight yoga pants as she works out in the “Warmth Of The Sun.” Her blonde girlfriend Cherry Kiss watches intently, so turned on by seeing Melody bend and stretch her beautiful body that she kisses her passionately and leads her indoors for a workout of a more intimate nature. In the bedroom, Cherry bares Melody’s perfect breasts, sucking her nipples avidly, then peels off her yoga pants to reveals her dark, fluffy bush. She eats Melody’s dripping wet pussy skilfully, sucking her clit and stuffing two fingers into her slippery slit. Melody frigs her own clit and wraps her legs around her lover’s waist, gasping as her orgasm sweeps through her. Melody flips Cherry onto her back and kisses her way down to her shaved pussy, eating and fingerbanging her energetically, making her rock her hips with each thrust of her wet fingers and each stroke of her tongue. Cherry perches on the headboard, thighs spread wide, grinding on Melody’s pretty face. She grips Melody’s wrist, encouraging her to slam her fingers in deeper and faster, rubbing her own clit as she hits her climax. Smiling and glistening with perspiration, Cherry strokes Melody to another rapid orgasm; they kiss their juice from each other’s lips as they bask in the afterglow of their passion.
Warmth Of The Sun featuring Cherry Kiss & Melody by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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