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White Dress 2 – Mary Lin – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Gorgeous Mary Lin uses all her seductive powers to turn you on. The hot blonde wears a see-through white dress and red heels, bending over her desk and looking back at you over her shoulder, skirt lifting to expose her thighs. Once she’s got your attention, she sits and slips a hand inside her white cotton panties, rubbing her pussy with one hand while squeezing her breasts with the other. Turned on herself, she takes off her dress and pulls down her panties, standing up and rubbing at her slit. Driving herself wild, she sits in her chair and strums her clit faster and faster. So horny, she can’t make up her mind, stand or sit? Either way, her pussy gets a full workout, clit buzzing with the thrill of her fingers.
White Dress 2 featuring Mary Lin by Alex Lynn

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Mary Lin

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