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Winter Evening 2 – Elouisa – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Too sexy for her shirt, the elegant beauty of Elouisa just cannot be contained for long. She flicks through a magazine while eating an apple, relaxing on a rug at home in a simple shirt and panties. Her jet-black hair falls over her shoulders as she strokes her silky-smooth thighs, and then her hands slide up her body to her exquisite breasts. She smiles seductively as she thrums her nipples, parting her thighs, exposing her blue polka dot panties. The shirt comes off and her hands glides over her beautiful body, busying themselves between her thighs, toying with her clit through her underwear. Long lashes close over her eyes as she gets her hand inside her panties and strokes her pussy, spurring this leggy darling on to get up on her hands and knees and pull her panties down, pleasuring her juicy folds.
Winter Evening 2 featuring Elouisa by Alex Lynn

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Elouisa

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