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Youth Story – Lisa Dawn – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Blonde beauty Lisa Dawn lies in a shallow bath, the warm water lapping at her shaved slit a she splashes it over her exquisite breasts. Afterwards, she prowls around her house in nothing but pantyhose, climbing up onto her bed to bounce, taking selfies, just fooling around. She’s full of life, full of fun, and looking for action. Her pantyhose feel so good against her naked ass and pussy that she can’t stop herself from rubbing her crotch through the nylon mesh. The way they stretch so tight across her ass and cling to her thighs sends her into a sexual frenzy, her hand delving inside them to frig her pussy fast as she cups her titties, pinching her nipples between two fingers. Rolling her pantyhose down her thighs, she lies face down on the bed and reaches around to stuff two fingers up her hole, fucking herself fast, grinding her orgasm out, writhing in ecstasy until she has to tear her pantyhose off and spread her legs wide open to cum.
Youth Story featuring Lisa Dawn by Charles Lakante

Date: December 20, 2022
Actors: Lisa Dawn

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