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Zephyr – Emma Button & Miki Torrez – Girl Gets Fucked Top


Emma Button and Miki Torrez frolic among the trees dressed in angelic white like woodland nymphs, as Andrej Lupin’s “Zephyr” begins. The title means ‘gentle breeze,’ and the movie starts in a light and airy mood as the girls disrobe and start touching and stroking each other’s small, pert breasts. The pure white theme follows the lovers – both making their SexArt debut – into the bedroom, where everything is white, the sun’s soft rays bathing the room in a virginal glow. There’s nothing virginal about these sweethearts, though; the intensity increases exponentially as blonde beauty Emma flickers her tongue inside Miki’s open mouth, her fingers deftly teasing the brunette’s clean-shaven pussy. Emma straddles her girlfriend’s hips, rubbing Miki’s clitoris firmly. Miki sucks on Emma’s perky tits, making her gasp with pleasure. Emma dips her fingers into Miki’s mouth, traces them down her body, then ducks her head between the reclining babe’s thighs to suck and lick her clit, two fingers pressed deep inside her wet hole. Miki goes wild, bucking hard and fast. She kisses Emma hard as Emma’s strong fingering forces a deep and satisfying orgasm from her. Kneeling over her lover, Emma thrusts against Miki’s probing fingers, then lies back to savor the sensation of Miki’s tongue on her clit. Using both hands, Miki toys with Emma’s clit and eases two fingers into her hole. She wields her fingers like a cock, fucking her hard while Emma, with a look of hot desire in her eyes, grinds back against her. The heat between these two as Emma orgasms is electric – more of a blazing Sirocco than the soft breeze of the title.
Zephyr featuring Emma Button & Miki Torrez by Andrej Lupin

Date: December 23, 2022

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